cheap ebay wide angel jelly lens on raspberry pi camera review

i once saw this awesome post that i got so envy have make one with a cheaper alternative. the post author uses kogeto dot as a camera add-on on his raspberry pi that costs too much for me. so… i am looking for a cheaper alternative. it does not have to be the 360 degrees panoramic type, a simpler but can take wide angle is enough.

i ordered several different type on ebay and the first that arrive is this jelly lens:
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lg gt540 as a poor man’s security camera

i am finally satisfied re-purposing my old and neglected lg optimus gt540 swift. as mentioned in my previous posts, i installed motion detector as motion detector. it may not be as good as a CCTV system with night vision and infrared (ir) for clear captures with limited light but this setup cost a fraction if none at all.

to obtain the fullest of being a poor man’s device, installing kWS – Android Web Server will do the job. this makes an android phone accessible anywhere (port forwarding and or other configuration may be required).

plain, simple and no root required

drawback is that you will be scrolling a very very long page after a while... (click image to see what i mean)

drawback is that you will be scrolling a very very long page after a while… (click image to see what i mean)

moving on, i enabled ftp upload in motion detector app to move the captured images to a more viewable web interface. basic goal is to make php file that will: sort the images descending (latest captures shown), option to upload to (google) picasa & flickr and, most importantly, delete to maximize space.
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